Website content can be significantly enhanced and accessed so that content is made easier for users by incorporating database solutions into your plan. Databases can be developed from scratch, or the professionals at AMGtech can work with your existing applications to bring your content to the web.

 In the majority of cases, we speak your online language:

       °  Database, ecommerce and other application development
       °  Windows, Windows.Net, Sun, FreeBSD & other flavors of Unix
       °  IIS, Apache and Solaris
       °  SQL, MySQL, Access and others
       °  ASP, ASP.Net, VB, VB.Net, C#, PHP, Javascript
       °  Legacy code or systems requiring migration

We work with companies to plan and organize their commerce strategy through launch, and can deploy custom-created shopping cart components to suit your needs.
Other solutions developed by AMGtech include:

       °  User surveys requiring authentication and storage of data for later analysis.
       °  Unified login schemas for allowing access across multiple servers, platforms
          and domains.
       °  Data collection interfaces allowing multiple users (ex. Membership based) to supply
           information to a central repository.
       °  Modules that allow administrators to post information and manage submissions, and Data
          Download modules that allow administrators to post materials that require registration
          for access.
       °  Interactive Flash interfaces for data collection and display.









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